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A note about this blog.

As i'm a software developer my idea was to write my own blog engine. A goal of ham is to have fun. Fun to practice, but also fun in building own tools.

This blog has to be the same: Fun to write but also fun to develop the code that powers the engine. So i choose technologies that are fun and that i like. Perl is fun and thus is the language of choice. To write web apps in Perl the most fun framework is Mojolicious. So that is used too. And as a database is helpful to store the content, a fun database was needed. Cassandra was definitively overkill for this, so the other fun database to use is Redis. So Perl-Mojolicious-Redis are the base for this blog.

Looking for a name for the blog engine, i was looking for something involving Perl, Mojo, Redis and Blog. Finally i called it just Pelog. Furthermore Pelog is the name of a musical scale, but more about that another time.

Maybe i'll release the code one day, when there is some more working.

Currently it can display the latest posts with timestamp, title, content, tags and autors. In the future searching for other posts with the same authors or by the same author will be possible. Even when it's not planned to have more than one author for now. Also enhancing the blog with pictures, some formatting options and link support is planned. One day.

Published: 0:34 mardi 12 janvier 2016

Tags: pelog, perl, blog, mojolicious, redis

Author: hb9fxx

Premier post

Ce premier post pour ouvrir le blog. La raison de l'existence de ce blog est de logguer mes activités liés à mes activités de radio amateur HB9: de mon matériel à mes constructions en passant par les outils informatiques dévellopés ou améliorés par mes soins. Et pourquoi pas à propos de quelques QSO particuliers. On verra ce qu'il y aura et ce que ça donnera.

Published: 16:55 jeudi 7 janvier 2016

Tags: hb9

Author: hb9fxx