Hej !

I’m Martin - HB9FXX and I’m located at JN36hp. I also got the US callsign KJ4WOH.

I’m a rather passive HAM, mainly only listening, however I promise, one day, I’ll go on-air on HF, maybe even in CW which I’ve started to learn without success a few times.

My main interests are QRP and digi modes and most of all listening to satellite signals and trying to identify the satellite behind a signal.

Due to my programming background I’m of course interested in developing and improving different applications and tools in the field of HAM radio.

I’m the author of the QRSS grabber QrssPiG which is available at https://gitlab.com/hb9fxx/qrsspig. I didn’t have time to actively maintain it recently, still, new features will come with new versions.

73s de HB9FXX.